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Irmak İşsever

Problem Definition

Dinogon is a continuous and up-to-date modular toy set that supports children’s creativity, unlike mass-produced modular toys, which they can freely print and combine parts using a 3D printer.

Research and Design Methods

While determining the problem definition and approaching to the solution, the following methods were applied. With the user research, age group of the product users was determined and the concept was decided.

Dinogon Universe

Every clan in Dinogon Universe has a unique clannish power and story of their own.
(Dinogon: A predatory creature with extraordinary powers)


The fire clan is the bravest clan of the elemental universe. The clan derives its strength from the volcanic mountain on its territory. The volcanic mountain gives clan members strength, courage and energy. In the ancient writings of the explorers who set out to explore the clanial lands, there are sensations that there are mysterious eggs in the soil and that there are special pieces from these eggs.

Mystery Eggs

“Endless Possibilities With Dinogons”

Numerous combinations can be created with modular head, body, arm / fin / wing, tail, foot, feather / thorn and horn parts. What can be done is limited only by imagination.

Advanced Parts

Environmental Modules

Game Scenario

“Fight Your Dinogons”