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Website Redesign

Hirize is an AI-powered resume parser, resume and job matcher API. It extracts data from HR documents with the greatest accuracy. Hirize can be seamlessly integrated with your exciting tools in minutes. Its comprehensive product range supports and transforms the efficiency of your current HR tech stack.




UX / UI Designer


June 2022 - August 2022

(3 Months)


Benchmark Research, MVP, Content Strategy, Wireframes, High-fidelity Designs



About the Project

Many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) currently used in the job market, match uploaded CVs and cover letters with specific keywords in job advertisements. This method of screening often results in qualified candidates being overlooked, as their CVs may not include the exact keywords required.

However, Hirize offers a more accurate solution. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Hirize can analyze the work experience detailed in a candidate’s CV and generate a more precise match score.

As ATS products continue to be widely adopted, Hirize plans to increase its market share by integrating its technology into existing products used by companies through APIs.


Project Brief


Website Integration and Future Compatibility

The newly released products need to be added to the website. The newly established website is expected to be suitable for future product releases as well.


Addressing Diverse Company Needs and User Objectives

The target audience consists of companies of various sizes. Some aim to improve their existing technology while others are conducting market research for a new product. It is important that users with different objectives can quickly access the information they need on the website.


Establishing Trust Through a Seasoned Market Presence

In order to instill confidence in users, the website should feel like it belongs to a company that has been in the market for a long time.


Design Process

The website was prepared with the intention of allowing for as much editing as possible later on, as it needed to go live within a short period of three months. As adjustments related to the UI can be made relatively easily, UX topics such as information architecture and content strategy were prioritized throughout the process.



As a freelance project, a well-structured 3-month plan was implemented, with a commitment of 10 hours per week. Each page was iteratively designed throughout the process, with one week dedicated to wireframing and the following week focused on delivering the UI for the chosen structure.


Benchmark Analysis

The websites of 23 big companies with more than one product were examined and good / best practices were analyzed. The most significant findings have been presented below in summary.

Competitors use an architecture that redirects pages to each other for different usage patterns.

Different titles have been added to the header so that users can find what they are looking for.

Allowing users to test the product without speaking to a company representative is encouraging.

Seeing big company logos gives confidence to users.
(Social Proof)


How was the information architecture structured for the examined websites of large companies?

As the Hirize website to be designed is aimed to have similar content intensity to these websites in the future, the site maps of large company websites were examined. By establishing a solid foundation for the newly designed website, it is planned to ensure the sustainability of the decisions made here during possible future development activities.

NOTE: The titles marked with a check here are the top-level headings positioned in the navbar. Upon reviewing website contents, it has been observed that most websites include all these web pages with different prioritization on their sitemaps’. The purpose of this table is to understand which names are predominantly used in the hierarchy of the website’s sitemap.


What are the target audience’s expectations and requirements considering competitor’s websites?

Due to the tight project schedule and Hirize’s status as a newly established startup, it was not possible to conduct research with current and potential users. Hence, an understanding of user needs and expectations were sought out by analyzing the websites of competitor companies that have been established in the market for a longer period of time.


What are the factors that make the websites of large companies feel institutional?

Below are some websites that stood out as exemplary and inspirational among the 23 SaaS product websites analyzed as part of the benchmark analysis.


Problem Definition

Taking into consideration the brief provided by the client and the insights gained from the benchmark analysis, the problems and solutions were identified. Subsequently, a new site map was created based on the defined solutions.

Pre-design Sitemap

(Earlier work by Hirize team.)


  • The existing website has been prepared as Phase 0 and designed with the sole purpose of establishing an online presence, which is why the number of pages on the website has been kept low.
  • The website being used, does not provide the opportunity to quickly reach the answers to the questions of the users.
  • The website does not feel like a large corporate company due to the small sitemap.

Post-design Sitemap

(Final sitemap prepared after research.)


  • As a result of the benchmark analysis, the most commonly used headings identified in the examined websites were “Solutions,Resources,Pricing and About.” As per clients statement, considering the possibility of separating products as “Products and Add-ons” in the future, it was preferred to use the label “Platform” instead of “Product”.
  • The “Solutions” label has been added to the navbar so that users who enter the site for the first time can quickly find products that meet their needs.
  • It was planned to add a tutorial video to the website, as it would be more attractive to watch videos instead of reading text.
  • The “Use Cases” page, which explains how customers from different sectors and different sizes increase their productivity thanks to Hirize products, has been added to increase persuasiveness.

Website Release Plan


Wireframe Design

43 wireframe screens designed according to insights gained during the ideation process.


Design System

To facilitate and expedite the software process, the text style and colors of the previously designed website were preserved. Other complementary elements were added to complete the design system.

UI Design


While structuring the navigation, the aim was to create a multi-page structure to reflect a corporate company image that has been in the market for a long time, rather than a newly established startup, for Hirize. Due to the planned two phases of the project, the menu designs were planned to be expandable.”

Home Page

While preserving the visual language previously established by Hirize, the designs were renewed and finalized.

Pricing Page

Since there is no user data yet, it is aimed that users can customize the bundles according to their needs.