İçeriğe geç

Irmak İşsever


Wedding Invitation Web & Mobile Template

İyidavet is a Turkish online invitation service that enables users to effortlessly create and send invitations for various occasions including weddings, engagements, henna nights, and parties. The service offers a variety of features, including the ability to choose from a variety of templates, add photos and videos, and track RSVPs. İyidavet is a convenient and easy-to-use way to send invitations, and it can help users save time and money on their event planning.




UX / UI & Product Designer


October 2020 - November 2020

(1 Month)


Market Research, User Research, Product Design, Sitemap, Wireframes, High-fidelity Designs



About the Project

İyidavet, is a web based wedding invitation platform which users can choose ready-to-use templates and share those with their guests.

Wedding websites are used world-wide, hovewer it is not commonly used in Turkey. Printed wedding invitations are pretty important, because culturally, it symbolizes the respect for the guest. With the spread of technology, invitations began to be sent as PDF to guests who cannot be handed over. However, most of the people think, it is inattentive.

İyidavet aimed to address this issue by introducing an online wedding invitation format. Their primary objective is to promote environmental sustainability by minimizing the use of printed invitations, all while enhancing the traditional invitation experience.


Project Brief


Website Unfamiliarity Shapes Traditional Wedding Invitations

Due to the limited usage of wedding websites in Turkey, users are not inclined to switch to using them instead of traditional printed invitations. In order to encourage greater preference for the newly designed website, it should resemble a traditional invitation rather than a website.


Benefiting from the Opportunities of Online Invitation

It is necessary to explore the opportunities that traditional printed invitations cannot offer, but online wedding invitations can, and integrate them into the newly designed invitation.


Preserving the Traditional Invitation Feeling

In Turkish culture, the quality of the invitation sent to guests holds great importance as it is associated with the value and respect given to the guests. Therefore, in the newly designed invitation, it is necessary to preserve the traditional feeling of printed invitations.


Design Process

The website was prepared with the intention of allowing for as much editing as possible later on, as it needed to go live within a short period of three months. As adjustments related to the UI can be made relatively easily, UX topics such as information architecture and content strategy were prioritized throughout the process.


Market Research

To understand “invitation” concept, I made image search and classified the invitations according to their style. I assigned keywords from the invitations I classified with using C-Box technique.

The exaggerated use of cultural motives is seen in traditional style invitations.

Feminine details and colors stand out more.

The use of gold leaf is common.

Soft colors mostly prefered.


User Research

The usage patterns of the users were examined. The basic functions utilized in the printed invitation were identified and the functions were rearranged in the traditional order of importance.

The Invitation Photo; which is not preferred due to high expenses in printed invites yet customers prefer it in web invitations.

Most users prefer to use ready-to-use invitation text.

Photographs of the bride and groom are important in the personalized invitation.

Users are welcomed to upload photos to the gallery. It makes it easier to share wedding photos with guests.


Problem Definition

The key problem areas and their corresponding solutions were defined. The site map for the current design was prepared and subsequently redesigned based on insights and feedback received from the users.

Pre-design Sitemap

(Earlier work by İyidavet team.)


  • The fact that About page is a homepage makes guests think they are looking at bride’s and groom’s personal website instead of an invitation.
  • Event informations are more important than detailed informations about bride and groom from guests’ point of view.
  • Most of the wedding owners don’t want to share their story because of the cultural norms.
  • No more than 2 events have been added so far.
  • Most of the wedding owners don’t prefer sharing more than one contact adress. And most of the time they share a phone number.

Post-design Sitemap

(Final sitemap prepared after research.)


Wireframe Design

According to insights gained during the research process, the wireframe design process has started.


UI Design

The process of preparing different themes has begun using the selected layouts.

Mobile First Approach

Responsive Web Design

The landing section and FAQ / Venue sections were designed as cards to give the feeling of an invitation card instead of a website.