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UX Minimal Meetup 319 / Ankara

The first time I participated in UX Minimal events, I really felt like a part of the design community. It was a great experience and excitement of being there. The first talk in UX’M 319 was about “Designing UX at Arçelik”. Gizem Ünaler and Nesibe Kaya gave a speech about the UX design process in the electronic appliances.

Designing the UX at Arçelik
Designing the UX at Arçelik / UX’M 319

They showed a little video which inspired me greatly. In the video, we have witnessed the imagination of two kids whom are supported by technology. It was so enjoyable and put a smile on your face. I thought, a product, whatever that is, should give the person an experience that creates good memories. This can only be achieved by reinforcing them with different emotions and senses. I really give great importance to feelings in design.If you are like me, or want to learn more about this, I can suggest you to watch Jinsop Lee’s “Design for all 5 senses” amazing TED Talks.

The second talk presented by Nilay Ocak, “Designing a Perfect Service”. Nilay Ocak is E-comm Web Department Manager at Mediamarkt. She has great experience in Service Design, UX and CX Design at many companies for about 20 years.

Designing a Perfect Service / UX’M 319

Her talk was about the service design process in big companies such as Mediamarkt. She has an amazing knowledge in sector both in Turkey and Europe thanks to her great experiences.

After the presentations, there was a workshop named “How to Prototype a Service?”. A topic named “Designing a Service like Yemeksepeti” was given to us. To design a service, with and as a group from different backgrounds was so delightful.